Today is my cousin, Jades birthday. It’s obviously special just because I love her and it’s her birthday, but 2 more reasons. Not only is she my cousin but she is my best friend. And secondly, it’s her 18th!! Which means we can FINALLY go out, and trust me, we have been waiting for this day for a LONG time. I’m going to see her and my auntie later this evening, and then as long as everything goes to plan, a whole weekend of partying. I’m so excited for her.

Being in my family, your probably going to be naturally weird, we all are. But when we get together it’s just over load of weirdness so I’m super excited for tonight! This is my weekend without Phoebe too so we’re off dancing!

Not only has Jade been there for threw everything I’ve been threw these last years, but especially threw my journey with the church, which I am so grateful about. I probably wouldn’t have got this far without her. So Jade, I love you so much and happy 18th birthday you absolute HAMID.



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