Record Store Day

I have had the busiest few weeks of my life, at the shop we have been setting up for Record Store Day. It was totally worth all of the stress and tension before the big day.. It was our first RSD so we had no idea what to expect. So for Saturday we had 2 bands playing, Dreaming Spires (who I love) and Band of Hope (also awesome). The 2 guys that are doing the bar side of things here had beer and wine in, with coffee and cupcakes and all of the sweet vinyl. To see the shop go from an empty shell to this functioning bar/cafe with loads of regular customers, it was amazing. It was a awesome atmosphere, the entire shop was jammed with people, you literally couldn’t move. For us, (me anyway) it wasn’t about making loads of money, it was just the best day and the best environment. I have never been so tired in my life afterwards though. Anyway, Just sharing some pictures from Saturday.


My purchases, Bring Me The Horizon 7″ picture disc of Drown & Throne and my new favourite musician, Leon Bridges – Coming Home 10″. I only found out about Leon Bridges threw getting this vinyl in for RSD but i’ve been constantly listening to it, and I love it! Go listen to him, he’s like a new Sam Cooke. 

Band of Hope, they were brilliant!

A mystery guitar player played us some music, he was SO good at the guitar, like literally amazing. I don’t know who he is though! Must find out…

The Dreaming Spires, good customers in the shop too. I love this band, a lot. Cannot wait to see them play at Truck.  
The shop at one of its busiest moments, you can see my Dad taking a picture like a weirdo at the back. Taking a photo of me taking a photo of him.

Oreo cupcakes, Peanut butter cupcakes and banana cupcakes with fondant icing topping and edible vinyl, yeah boy.

I just love this photo of Elvis Presley searching threw a record store…  


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