Rodney, y0u plonker.

I’m the sort of person that NEEDS routine in life, otherwise my days seem to fall apart. Especially at the moment with the shop moving locations I have no work, so lately I have had little routine, not good. This morning before I do work and walk the dog I needed to read a book, or draw and just take an hour for myself while Phoebes at school before my mind exploded. Then I realised it’s Fathers Day next week and I have no money.. So now i’m looking for cheap creative Fathers Day ideas, rather than ANOTHER Only Fools and Horses gift or Motown Classics CD.

We are a very music orientated family, its a passion for every single one of us, so I was thinking of making him a Fathers Day playlist, with all our favourite songs past and present. Of course with a cheeky bottle of Rum on the side. And now I have just had a brain wave of our songs so i’m gone, i’m in the zone.

I leave you with 2 recommendations, firstly the gift I got him last fathers day, the autobiography of Del Boy. I bought it thinking it would be David Jason , but its actually Del Boy. I don’t read much, but this book is HILARIOUS. If your a OFAH fan, defy get this bad boy, you won’t regret it. I’ve read it once last year, and i’m reading it again this morning.


Secondly, for any gals, if your like me and can’t afford to get your nails done all the time, but can’t live with scabby nails, from Superdrug/Boots I got these gorgeous nails for £7. Stick them on yourself and they last AGES. So much cheeper than going to a nail bar.


Caio fo’ now. x





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