Update: The Music Box

Since our record shop ‘The Music Box’ turned into a bar, and we learned unless you have a very large space for both business’, a bar and a record shop, it really just doesn’t work. Since it made the transition to the bar, we have less space and less customers (surprising how little people want to walk into a bar for records) which obviously means, no money. Its been like this for a couple of months now whilst we figure out what our next step would be. In this time, i’ve focused on Phoebe and my university. What I have taken from this time away from the shop is that, my dream job is working at a record shop. I love it and I miss it. I cannot wait for the next step in The Music Box empire.

So.. Our next step. We have inquired about difference shops around the area, and different ideas of making it work with different people, still trying to stay loyal to the Bar obviously. We almost went threw with two different shops and one of them fell threw on their end but the other one was good, it just wasn’t in a ideal location in the town, but cheap rent. Just as we were settling with this shop, someone got in contact with my Dad and offered him another one. For the same price. In the middle of town, perfect location. Already it sounds perfect. However, it gets that little bit more perfect once ou understand where it is.

10 years ago, my Dad owned the original Music Box shop in Wallingford, but obviously shut down. That shop holds all my best childhood memories and it was the best thing ever. Everybody loved that shop, and everybody wants us to to go back to that. This shop that has been offered to us, is next door to the original Music Box. Hopefully it doesn’t fall threw and it all works out well so we can in there ASAP. I am so excited!



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