F*** social media

Last week, my dreadful broken phone finally died a death. I have no insurance and no spare phone or money for one. Usually this would bother me, but having no phone is really not bothering me. These last few months, I think i’ve realized how much I hate social media. Of course they have their uses and some good bits, but the way its turned out is so fucking stupid.

I have only been on facebook this week for the pure fact its the only way i can hold of anyone without a phone. This morning I had a quick scroll and all I saw was ‘memes’ slating stereotypes and indirect comments about each other. By indirect i mean, putting nasty things about people on a platform the people its aimed at, will see. It just seems to be, those memes, new mothers selling diet pills or make-up from home (starting to get offended by the amount of diet pills im getting asked to buy, im happy being chubby thanks) or girls sticking their butt out in the mirror.

On instagram a certain ‘instagram-famous-mum’ put up a post about sleep training her new twins, which i have absolutely nothing against, i did it with Phoebe when she was younger, its entirely personal. But theres always those people that have to comment saying “that’s child abuse” or general argument whatever the post.

Me &  Phoebe went out for a day out in the country side with my good friend on Sunday, and obviously I have no phone so maybe i was noticing it more, but the entire time she was on her phone taking photos and taking forever to upload them, so it kinda took away the point of going out and having a day out. Know what i mean?

It may have taken me breaking my phone to realise this but I think this phase of the world having phones, social media and all this stuff, nobody is living in the real world. Taking photos of every single thing to update the world on something probably nobody cares about. Of course i’m guilty of posting pointless stuff, but surely there comes a point where you need to put down your phone or tablet and just go outside, or play with your kids, or just do something. The amount of time I must have wasted is a joke, and I feel so much closer to Phoebe, my entire attention is on her.

I can’t be distracted, or comparing my life to the people of the internet that make you feel like your not good enough. like your not a good enough parent, pretty or healthy enough, or your house isn’t perfectly white enough.(or your bad grammar, fuck you stressy lady from work).  I feel more happy and comfortable with myself without that.

ive suffered with severe depression and crippling anxiety, to the point i couldnt leave my house alone, in my case i think its probably a lot to do with social media, and the way the world sees things in this day and age.

anyway, rant over. 🙂 have a crackin’ day.x



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