I am the worst person for writing regularly. 2016-08-14 01.02.33 1

A lot has happened recently in the world of Alice. Im aware that i tend to ramble so i’m going to try to not do that. I have a phone, at last. Its awful, but it does the job. I was starting to worry I was going to get kicked off the Bunkfest twittering duty (local beer festival). I have dropped out of uni, because I fucking hated it,it was so boring and irrelevant to me. The Music Box is officially open in the centre of our town, and its amazing and i love it. I have a boyfriend, which is different, but good different.

Life is alright! I think recently I have learnt for the first time in ages to just not give a fuck. Happiness is the most important thing you can have, being without it for so long makes you see that its so easy to take for granted. Hence why i decided to “quit” these meaningless ( to me ) things, just because i felt like thats what some people may have expected me to do. Ive learnt to be my own person, and its 1000% more than okay to be different.

I had the most eye opening conversation with a local pub owner the other day about this, money is an imaginary concept i think. Aswell as working and all this. If you have to work, do something you love, and create a world you love to live in. Not working whereever you can get a job just because thats what the world has made you believe. As Matt said (i hope thats his name anyway) said “if people reduced their working hours to do things they love, imagine the decrease in mental illness and unhappiness”.

Anyways, rant over. Caio fo’ now x

IMG-20160814-WA0016yesterdays sunday walk around Oxfords countryside
FB_IMG_1470424228466              truck festival last month with the gyals, met my fav band wot. #mysteryjets

IMG-20160813-WA0001Phoebes 700th time on the peppa pig ride on our weekend to southsea & the isle of wight


peanut, me and joe (the boyfriendfnsrihvfolrungjsmrkll) lo



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