Summer 1/3

Truck Festival 2016 was the start to my summer and it was facking amazing. At this point I didn’t have a phone and still to this day I haven’t had my disposable camera developed so I can’t lie, I stole all my photos from my gal Abigail. 

I went with my oldest friend Holly, Abigail and my cousin/best friend Jade. Funnily enough my fav band The Mystery Jets were playing and my 2 fav local bands Dreaming Spirea and Danny And The Champions of The World played together too. We all got royally smashed, Moshed and partied too hard and the barn playing some old tunes like stevie wonder and the jam! We discover Jodie Abacus and met the mystery jets! Check all these bands out they are truly amazing. I also got my tickets for free which is always great! We met amazing people, one guy called Will, such a hippy I’m still unsure if he was real or not. To end the weekend and cool down our sun burn we jumped into a river.  Anyway – here’s the photos 😎


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