Realness for your sanity.

As I write this i have my burnt toast, a wonky paint covered table, a nice white dress on (on which i just dribble tea down) and a mug of tea which reads “my farts hospitalize small children”. Its the most content i’ve been all week.

I’m open about my issues with depression, I won’t bring it up but i’ll talk about it, its cool. I just want to talk about something I think is important, especially for Mothers.

The world of social media can be a fantastic place, full of support, help, advice and friends. Its brilliant. For me, especially Instagram. It has some fantastic communities, for everyone.

I dont want this post to sound like a bashing against “”insta-celebs”” because truly its not, they can be great. But I think there is an important thing to remember, is that posts can come across ‘perfect’ or ‘effortless’ and yes perhaps they are, and thats fine. But you don’t know what happens behind the front of Instagram. I think what i’m trying to say is that, whilst its 100% okay to be like that, you mustn’t compare yourself to anyone else.

You don’t need that pristine white living room, (if anything like Phoebe and even myself, it would not be pristine for long), its okay to buy your babies clothes in Primark, they outgrow it within 3 months anyway. You can do whatever you want, its fine. It doesn’t make you a bad Mother for not throwing your 1 year old a grand ball for their birthday. Nothing anybody bought for Phoebes first birthday we even have anymore so it cannot have been that important. I can’t cook for shit but we’re still healthy, have more than our 5 veggies a day. And its 100% okay to have a dominoes.

We must remember, a lot of the role-models on social media receieve money in some way or endorsements, so maybe thats why they can afford all this stuff. even so, your child doesnt need that, all it needs is a present mother, food and shelter.

All week I’ve been constanttly been trying to keep my house tidy and clear out toys and defrost my ice berg of a freezer, and i suddenly realised, i’m spending so much time cleaning and trying to keep it all together but for what? Nobody ever comes round my house other than Joe, and Phoebes always 2 steps behind me undoing what i just did. That entire time I could have been bonding with Phoebe. I have no bond with my mother, and i’m telling you that having a bond with your child is the most important thing of all.

Do not compare yourself to the famous people of social media, youll never be the same because your different people with different lives and different styles. You’ll get yourself down, you’ll become depressed. But your perfect anyway. Anyways, yellow is by far a happier colour for a house than white. 😉

I’d do anything to stay away from depression forever, and if that means not having a perfect house so i can have a happy life and a loving relaionship with those around me, i’m down with that.

Put on your lipstick, go to the park and do your house work later. Take a fucking selfie and stay sassy



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