Record player and vinyl

When I originally decided to start this blog I wanted it to purely be for music and vinyl because you know, I think everybody gets a bit sick of wanting to talk about it at home. But not me! So I’m just sharing the records that are my favourite at the moment, I say ATM because it’s forever changing. 

I have a few record players but the one I use now is my Crosley portable record player. I got it for my birthday a few years ago it’s a limited edition pink floral pattern. I usually plug it into bigger speakers for a better sound. I have asked for a specific record player for my birthday, just the deck without speakers, so will hopefully get that 🤓 but anyways these are my favourite records today: 

Leon Bridges – for RSD we accidentally ordered too many of this so out of curiosity I played it, and I’ve loved him ever since. A young Sam Cooke.

Sam Cooke – he has the most gorgeous voice, it’s a classic and I always have and always will love this. My favourite song is Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day. 

Amy Winehouse – Back To Black – I think any music lover loves this album tbh. It’s perfect and she’s beautiful. 

Disturbed – Sound of Silence – organically by Simon & Garfunkle I believe, this cover is moving it literally touches your soul whether you like the band or not.

Elvis with the Philharmonic Orchestra. Just when you thought Elvis couldn’t get any grander.. it’s a beaut.

Sam Smith – every single song is beautiful & the extra songs on the Duluxe are amazing. I love him.


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