This weekend has been pretty spot on. I didn’t have Phoebe this weekend as she was at her Dads. Next Saturday though, will be her 3rd birthday so we are taking her to the zoo to see some elephants. Obviously i have to get her a present or 2, so Saturday thats what we did. Of course, if we’re going into Reading then it would be rude to not get a Five Guys burger. I then met Joes sister for the first time, i’m so shy i went shut down but i think it was all good. Friday night was perfect film, beer and chineseing. Today though was the perfect Sunday.. Coffee morning, walk and picnic by the river in the sun, (wtf england sun) beer at the pub and a cracking roast dinner with my girl. I’m feeling all the emotions as i realise my baby is growing up too quickly and will soon be a grumpy teenager, so I’ve got myself a beer and tonight i’m remembering all the squishy baby moments and reading some Neruda (my all time fav writer).

I also gave up trying to go back blonde and dived straight back in with the blue.


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