Judgy biatch 

It was going to happen sooner or later, I just didn’t think this soon. I’ve always had colours in my hair, pink, blues, purples, green. Before and after pregnancy. I don’t really think anything of it, I just like it. 

So I’ve just got back from taking Phoebe to nursery and I’m a little pissed off. There’s a woman, a middle aged typical judgy mum. When Peanut first started nursery last year, she made a comment to me about being a lousy mum because I put my only child in nursery rather than spending as much time with her as I can. Firstly, shut the **** up. Everyone is different, has different situations. I didn’t explain myself to her I just said “well everyone’s different.” And left it. 

However, just 20 minutes ago I saw her on the school run, I was walking home the same direction. She commented on my hair. Stating blue isn’t really appropriate for school and setting a bad example. FIRSTLY, woman, I don’t attend school so I really couldn’t care, I’m basically 22 I am a mother and an individual. Secondly, you can barely see my hair anyway cos it’s in such a tight top knot.. BUT I just said well “everyone is different”. Then this crazy woman did piss me off, I have a led zeppelin t-shirt on under my jacket and she said “and you really want her to be a fan of that band, pfft” PFFT TO YOU, you judgy.. idiot. Phoebe can’t read, and even if she could I couldn’t care less who she listens to as long as it’s not a totally outrageous song. 

Need I really explain why I’m annoyed. If you have a shitty opinion keep it to yourself. Leave me to sit at home after abandoning my child at a loving environment with all her mates, to sit at home and do jack shit with my blue hair and inappropriate top. (Obviously not doing jack shit, getting ready for work and buying food for my child and cleaning) (and ranting to the world about a woman). 

Tomorrow I’ll wear a sex pistols tshirt. People these days 


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