I’m feelin’ 22

It’s been a month since I last posted. This time of the year is always the craziest for me. Everything happens all at once I promise. Phoebes third birthday, halloween, my birthday, and now Joe’s birthday to add to the mix. I have so many things I want to post about but I need to pace myself.

Most importantly of course, I turn 22 last Friday, which I will never forget thanks to the king of being a total twat, Donald Trump becoming president 5 days later. (he’s a total twat but ok.) SO I haven’t had time at all. Excuses excuses. To myself. Anyway. To start the madness Phoebe turned 3. However I have no photos for that at this time, therefor I’m gunna work backwards.

MY BIRTHDAY. I felt SO anxious for this day, I’m unsure why. Last year, my 21st, the big birthday was an awful time for me, it was the height of my depression and it got totally forgotten and I hibernated for the day. I don’t know why but I felt the same this year leading up to it. Weird I know. Turns out I was being stupid (story of my life) and it was fantastic. I had my beautiful daughter my weirdo boyfriend and that was the way I wanted it to be. Joes birthday is the same week as mine so we went for a night out to my friends bar ‘The Keep’ for a halloween night, with my one and only Padre DJing. It was SKA/Reggae night and it was flippin brilliant. Of course I was too drunk to take photos. For my birthday though, we went shopping in the day, and saw a local band at my brothers bar in the evening. Joe secretly got my cousins and auntie and uncle there to surprise me, which was fab. The Saturday, we had a film day with Phoebe and went to the fireworks in the evening. And on Sunday we went for a FREEZING beach day in Southsea & Hailing Island. (OFC visiting my bestie Abz at her uni). Joe got my MacBook fixed too so he’s a total babe. It was truly the best birthday of my life, the pure fact I had everyone I love there, oh and Joe mad my Nan. Her majesty of the Strange family. A very special weekend.

Plus now I can sing T Swiftys song, I’m feelin’ 22… everything gunna be alright.


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