SCAREFEST birthday

October 31st, halloween and Joes birthday. I am sure he probably wouldn’t appreciate me doing a post about him, so I’m trying to keep it on the down low. It was Joes 20th 4 days before mine, so we shared our birthday night with friends and family at my friends bar (see previous post for the deetz) Which was nice to share our first birthdays together as a couple. On the Sunday, we went to the Alton Towers SCAREFEST. I’ve always listened to peoples stories about the scare mazes and all that spooky stuff and it’s never really appealed to me. (I’m a wimp). I’d just much rather carve a pumpkin. However.

It was SO good. When Joe said thats what he wanted to do for his birthday, I of course couldn’t say no. I love roller coasters though so I was excited for that anyway. As soon as we parked and got out (we got there as soon as they opened) it was automatically exciting because pretty much everyone was dressed up, just to attend the park, we felt boring. Once you get into the actual park there was dead people doing a dance routine to Thriller, then they dispersed and sneaking up behind people and screaming. I was waiting for Joe at one point and a gal screamed in my ear, it shat me up. Spooky music player everywhere which smoke and red lights, it was totally awesome. Especially as it was open till late, so it added to the excitement more at night. The castle looked amazing lit up with music, and a freak show you HAD to walk threw with beard ladies and weird things (bearded lady which hit on Joe, bitch).

The ONLY itch I had with it was that because it was SO SO busy the ques were ridiculously long, which was to be expected and the scare mazes were really expensive, so unfortunately we didn’t get to do. I would definitely recommend going as it’s 100% worth the experience and such good fun. I’d save up a bit more to get fast track tickets for  a few rides and do at least 1 maze, but still a top day and more importantly Joe loved it, so I loved it.

On his actual birthday we just wen into Oxford to spend his birthday money and get a burger. so over all a lush birthday for him. He really is an amazing guy and totally deserved it, I’m glad I got to share it with him, even if I did vom on the journey back from scarefest.


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