Monday night SLAVES

Monday night, usually i’m settling down with Joe waiting for Phoebes Dad to drop her back with me, about to watch Hollyoaks or washing up or something totally rock’n’roll.

Luckily for me, this Monday night Me and Joe took our boring ass’ down to Bristol and saw SLAVES. I got 2 tickets as a surprise birthday present from our rep at work (also my dads bff). I LOVE Slaves anyway, one of my top bands! It was flippin’ amazing.

There were 2 support bands, Shame & Life (I think) I liked them a lot too, equally outrageous as Slaves. Which is 100% what we need at this time in this world. The guy in Shame started avin a wank to a song.. Joe wasn’t too familiar with Slaves so the whole thing i think silenced him. He liked it though.

It was one of the best gigs i’ve been to, although I was recovering from a beast of a cold and a bug so i wasn’t down in the middle losing a shoe like i would normally. but thats okay it was amazing either way. I would definitely recommend getting tickets for their gigs and not taking any valuables and getting down in there and av it out. I’ll 100% be getting more tickets and taking the girls. If you get a ticket, take someone who needs a shakin’ up. Or take a Farage/Trump supporter and through ’em in. (I joke)

My top songs were deffo The Hunter, obvs, The People That We Meet, Rich Man and Cheer Up London. They were all good though obviously.

Basically it was fuckin’ sick. Click the pic \/

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset


my Take Control limited red vinyl album. Love this


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