2017 starts now

Starting a new year, I always make promises or declare a statement that i will do something for sure. This year it was to post more on here & get healthy. Classic Alice though, there is always things which mean that can’t happen. That is what my excuses are, but you know I realised my excuses are never really good enough reasons to not do something. Besides my Nans passing, i have no reason why I haven’t stuck to any of my new year commitments.

There is a LOT of stuff going on in my personal life at the moment, but if you let it all consume you it really WILL consume you. That’s how I feel at the moment that i’ve let things take over my everything. I realise times are tough and nothing really goes the way you want, but everything will be alright in the end.

I am starting my 2017 from right now. Imma ignore the last 2 months. What 2 months?  I am an emotional eater. I am now at the heaviest I have ever been. My Nans passing, then christmas, other crapola, then the stress of being a fatty, i spiralled. I need to lose weight ASAP Rocky.

I have no issues with the image of being fat, but its how i feel, i have 0% energy, i feel like i cannot be bothered and just little enthusiasm. and that’s not me. I started a diet a few weeks ago which is going quite well. It’s not so much of a diet, but just watching what i eat, cooking cleaner and excercising. i’m not one for diet fads and schemes. I don’t drive so I walk a lot anyway, so just adding a run or a long walk or something is the way im heading. healthy meals, snacks an stuff. (comin’ at ya Pinterest).

I have no phone which doesnt help because who doesn’t listen to music whilst exercising ey?

ANYWAY. here’s to a delayed new year and get the old Alice back.



boxing day: before i realise how much of a chub i was getting


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