home re-vamp / LIVING ROOM

For so long i have been dying to give my home a re-vamp! I attempted 2 years ago, but sort of gave up after a while. When I first moved into our flat we had to have these really light disgusting carpets throughout all rooms, i didn’t have the money to get them changed straight away and its been 3 years now and they went threw the stages of baby and a puppy and dog sitting the worlds hairiest dog (Nesta) and i’ve been dying to not have carpet for the longest time and the time finally came last weekend! I GOT NEW FLOORS.

For almost 1 large room and a small hallway they were going to charge almost £800!! I’m new to adult life but that was a f****** outrage. In the end we Googled how to do it ourself, so that’s what we did! Of course it’s not perfect. BUT For a mechanic and a Mum/Record shop lady we did pretty good I think. Obvs bits aren’t amazing but it adds character right? Yeah it does. Plus it was either that or scabby carpets forever.

We have only done the living room floor at the moment because we rarely have spare time. That was the most important room for me though, because it’s where we spend most of our time! And I want to get the walls painted first so save the new floors.

Why I decorated the way I did

/// I went for white walls because for so long i’ve felt like trapped in my house of clutter and I just wanted to feel fresh and open and clutter free. I have quite random colourful bits and bobs so i thought white base would tie it all in together a bit better.

/// I went for dark wood-like vinyl floors because 1] dark floor and white walls i think it looks nice. 2] easy to clean with kids and dogs. Again, textured but not too much.

 ///  I got a new TV stand to keep it simple, my old one was a horrid wooden one my Mum gave me to just get moved in with but it was huge and it made me hoard loads of rubbish.

///  I got a new rug, my old one was a vile shaggy green thing i got for free. I didn’t mind it at first but once it had kids and dogs on, its not so much nice fluffy shagg but more like matted dread locks. (like my hair when i haven’t brushed it for a while).

/// I did get a bit DIY aswell and made a pallet coffee table.. the struggle of finding a non-mouldy pallet in my area was a struggle and a half, but Joe managed to get one at his Dads in Yorkshire. Yay. I love the rough/ industrial look but not too much.


the moment we realised it was too late to turn back

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetIMG_1892

i bought Joe a SAAB Production History poster for valentines day, so put it up with my Noel Fielding painting above the sofa, hoping to god it doesn’t crush us in the middle of eastenders.


putting my table together

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetIMG_1907

i’m so happy with how my table turned out, it’s exactly how i imagined 🙂 

I still have things to do, and 2 more room but it has started and i love it! just to make it a bit less hospital-like. (so white, need some pics back up).




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